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Gangbang gallery Gangbang gallery

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Meagan Vaughn
Meagan Vaughn
The union between man and wife is to be sacred and never taken for granted. For a marriage to work both involved must not keep secrets or else it risks crumbling like a black man's credit report. As the leader of the Cumbang I've grown accustomed to black pussy and want to make an honest woman out of Meagan Vaugn. She's the kind of girl I can take back home to visit mom at the trailer park. However, a marriage can't start on lies so I broke the news to her about our secret society. I knew asking her to marry me was the right choice when her eyes lit up like the neon sign at KFC. I gathered up the troops, had Meagan wear what she was going to surprise me with on our honeymoon night, and we'd soon be dining on my fiance like a pack of hyenas. The looks on the faces of my rednecks friends were priceless as she had each of their cocks rammed down her mouth. I knew we'd have a long life together when I saw her bending over and giving up the black pussy for a bunch of horned up pecker woods. The gleam in her eye said it all and I signaled my brothers in arms that it was ok to attack her face like Fort Sumter. Pictures of her glazed face now take up space over our fireplace.
Bella Moretti
Bella Moretti
Take almost a dozen of the most vile crackers you can find and toss in a broken-hearted black woman. The end result is a buffet of white cocks at her disposal for a black girl whose man has done her wrong. The frown that Bella Moretti is wearing tells the tale of a woman that has revenge in her heart but no place to vent it. A snow bunny friend informs her that a secret society enables black woman to get back at their black boyfriends for dipping their black sticks in white pools. You can hearing the wheels in Bella's head turn as she morphs into a white dick milking station right before our eyes. Our rednecks stand before her as if in a firing squad and Bella Moretti gives each white boy ample time with her mouth as her free hands reach for any available dick in a mile radius. She's attacked by the hardest white peckers around and the gleam in her eyes tell us that she's never to regret the choice to call up the wolf pack and blow them all. It's going to take a while to clean up all the goo from her lips, her eyes, and any clean patch of skin on her face that jizz may have missed. Actually, those crackers creamed her face from top to bottom and dressed her with the Stars and Bars.
Angel Cummings
Angel Cummings
Well it's that same old story once again...black guys fucking around on their black girlfriend with a hot white slut! Damn! Those white girls taking all the black men! Angel is distraught over this and is crying up a storm when a redneck on a bike pulls up and convinces her to get revenge by fucking a bunch of white dudes. She's just upset enough to buy this, and soon she's naked, on her knees getting her face stuffed full of redneck white dicks! They bend her over and fuck her from both ends, and when they have all had a taste, they put her on her knees, and give her a Southern Special...a sloppy bukakke that leaves her face looking like a fresh plate of biscuits and gravy!
Jada Fire
Jada Fire
Our services have reached all over. Today we were slow but luckily Jada Fire's relationship troubles were our gain! Jada scared the shit out of us the moment we came across her. The anger is visible in her eyes and the drool was running out of her mouth the second she swallowed all of our big white Redneck cocks. Her black husband had a good woman and fucked it all up by sticking his black cock deep into too much white pussy! Last I heard Jada Fire returned to the home that they shared and burned it down.

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Violet Monroe
Violet Monroe
Daddy's always telling me that I'm selfish and never help others in dire straits. With his words in my head I decided to improve race relations between whites and blacks. Could I volunteer for the N.A.A.C.P? Yes, but that would take too much time. How about treating nine angry black men to a feast with my pussy being the main course? I got dressed in clothing that left nothing to the imagination and made my way to a location where the cops dare not enter. I was met with nine hung black dicks and went down the row while offering my mouth to each hard cock in my sights. I couldn't wait to bend over the trash can and allow my soaking wet pussy to be sacrificed for a greater cause. Each thrust of black dick brought me closer to an orgasm which rattled the walls. One after another I was coated with thick, gooey black spunk while wearing the biggest smile I've ever had. Black Power is alive and well and if you don't believe me then take a look at my pussy which will never go back to its original shape.
Jordan Blue
Jordan Blue
These younger black cock sluts think they have what it takes to take care of black bulls. Well, theyre in for a rude awakening. Im an interracial cougar at heart that devours black cock by the pound. Its my duty as a good white girl to make sure my ebony friends live easier lives in a world full of white man hate. Im sure my fat knockers will be given plenty of attention at the BroBang meeting as well as my ass that you can bounce a quarter off of. First, I got to strut down the dangerous streets of Los Angeles in hopes that more black men will follow. I got there in the middle of a rap on how Jason Brown and his crew were disrespected and shown no love by my race. I sensed I needed to make matters improve so I grinded on all their cocks minutes before my mouth was full of theirs. It would be a rite of passage for me to lick and suck all their black staffs until I was covered from head to toe in black jizz.
Trina Michaels
Trina Michaels
In college I read up on the history of the oppression the black man has faced. I wrote a paper on how I'd level the playing field. However, I didn't write about how I'd wear barely a stitch of clothing or how I'd have my firm ass covered by dental floss. As I paraded myself around the mean streets of L.A I was imagining all the dirty things I could do with some black meat in my stable. I knew my body would never be the same since my tight little pussy has only been used for tiny white dicks. It would be like using a jackhammer to open up a walnut but I was looking forward to the mayhem I knew I had coming. I took a little time getting acquainted with those strong, sexy black guys. I wanted to get in their heads as I was about to rock their oppressed world. It's a good thing I have strong legs because I was able to keep a squating balance as my face was constantly housing big black dicks. My face was slapped with black cock and no set of firm black balls were off limits. The juices flowing from my pussy told me that I had to take in over 3 yards of black dick until I couldn't take it anymore. I like to think I'm the best at draining black dick but you tell me.
Amai Liu
Amai Liu
Us black men have been wronged again. We can tell you story after story of how the white man has kept us down and the racist shit he continues to do. It's never going to stop but we can make things go in our favor. Amai Liu came to the union of the Brobang offering her ass up to sacrifice. We thought she couldn't take all of our dirty black dicks since they must weigh more than she does. She was determined to ease our suffering while draining our fat nuts. One after one she went down the line of blackness while stuffing big black dicks down her tiny mouth. Nothing says " reparations" like some interracial blow job action and Amai was up for the taking. Once my brothers and I got done with her mouth it was now off to stretch that pussy with more black than she could handle. Her loud moans and screams nearly brought the 5-0 to our pad but the bitch was loving every minute of it. We took out years of bigotry out on this generous pussy and it wasn't too long before she was being covered with black seed.

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