Crazy wide hips lady This girl has some sexy wide hips and such a narrow waist! That's what I adore Also her skinny friend makes the contrast perfect! I just hate her ugly sandals - how could a woman wear something like that?! Anyway, tell me what you think!

young, slim and pretty girls that have what some people might call a "fat ass". To me, this sounds very offensive, since I think a shapely booty is extremely sexy and much more interesting than all those either flat, skinny girls or those barrel-shaped fat ladies without a waist at all. Unfortunately my kind of girl is very, very hard to find out there

Fafner, mate - keep 'em coming. Another gorgeous gorgeous shape! Those are lovely big hips. I love the way that her top half is the same size as her skinny mate and then her hips flare so beautiful out into this huge bum. Thanks a lot!

Wow, she's super cute - great job you did there! And her sandals are fine by me - I like it when women wear flat shoes. After all, they exaggerate the chubby-short-legs look, as well as the casual-every-day-look, and I like that a lot!

Guys, you're getting spoiled over here How do you like this girl? Very strange shape - short legs and then this crazy proportion of that small waist to her fat butt. To me only girls like this one are interesting - there's something special to look at! (Okay I admit this one here didnt have the most pretty face - but young at least)!

Guys, I envy you. It took me years to collect all these asses I'm posting here, and you just get them delivered! At least for my taste there is hardly any resource on the web - you can get candids of skinny or plump women, but I have to chase asses like these myself Okay, there's colleagues of mine like Jonas and I hope he will continue to do what I know several people appreciate highly!

Anyway, this is a great bubble butt I caught last summer... wide hips. She's a bit too old for my taste, but that fat ass together with those slim legs and the narrow waist still make her a favorite of mine And, you know, I *hate* people calling other things than this Bubble Butts. This is the reference for that term!

This lady here is really fascinatingly thick, but only in the ass! That guy with the green shirt was walking around with her and pretending to lead an intellectual conversation... I guess he was an ass-lover as well To me there's nothing more sexy than an ass so wide to both sides that you can see its width from any direction. Like on this black girl - enjoy and tell me what you think.

This girl had a very, very strange shape but still looked so damn sexy to me... That's just what I call a donkey butt ;-) I noticed her because some guys she walked by were turning around, pointing at her and laughing. I even have three pics where other people on the streets are looking at her butt , wide hips with a pityful expression on their face. Now what do you think? I especially like her chubby thighs... yummy... and the way her back and her belly stick out!

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